Ensuring a Comprehensive ACH Network & Universal Account Solution

With the proliferation of both the number and types of non-banking organizations (ACH, Acquirer Networks, eChambers) looking to provide digital financial services, the provision of secure, efficient solutions and 100% digital, revenue ready and secure API processes is key to the ecosystem’s success.

Leverage the ADAPTOR PTS platform, its SaaS model and +400 fully configurable, revenue ready and accelerated time to market Digital Financial Services and our proven Delivery Methodology for ACH Network & Universal Account next era payment solutions.

Who Benefits

ACH, Acquirer Networks and eChambers.

ACH Network & Universal Account Use Cases

ACH Network & Universal Account provide non-banking organizations (ACH, Acquirer Networks, eChambers, etc.) with solutions for financial services gateways, interbank payments and ithe nterconnection of digital wallets, all keeping risk and limit management, and fund settlement processes (LBTR) top of mind; as well as a universal directory service that enables the identification of customers with their aliases and their associated financial products at a national level.

Inmediate Payment (Real Time Payment)

Real-time interbank payment services. A secure API is offered so that banks, financial institutions and authorized third parties can make payment instructions to beneficiaries with accounts in a participating bank in the ecosystem. Key functionality highlights: controlled limits on ecosystem participants, real-time monitoring process and configuration of one or more Multilateral Settlement Journal (LBTR) processes.

Wallet Interop

Enablement of the interoperability of multiple wallets managed by different financial institutions. Users of a wallet can make payments, receive payment requests or make purchases in merchants to beneficiaries that belong to a wallet managed by a financial institution different to that of the originator of the transaction. Interoperability includes the identification of the beneficiary wallet, management of limits between institutions, and the daily multilateral settlement process between participating wallets in the ecosystem.

Aquiring for Digital Payment

Enablement of an ecosystem of businesses (acquirer) that look to accept payment based on digital money. It allows businesses to subscribe to the acquirer to support payments from any wallet or mobile payment method. It offers all wallet management financial institutions an API enabling their users to make purchases in subscribed merchants. Processes for commission calculation, reconciliation, daily settlement between affiliated wallets and businesses are included.

Digital Financial Services Gateway

Provisioning of a delivery gateway for Financial Services offered by financial institutions such as loan dispersal, loan collection, card collection, and cash in, cash out. These financial services are offered at the conversion points (cash to digital and vice versa) managed by the owner of the gateway. Processes for commission calculation, reconciliation, collection, daily settlement between affiliated financial institution and the gateway are included.

Universal Account Id

Enabling a Universal Directory of people, aliases and accounts on a national level. It offers all the APIs necessary to subscribe, link, unlink and dispute the participants in the directory, their aliases and linked financial system accounts. This directory is the basis for the creation of any wallet interoperability model. Participating institutions can affiliate, link, unlink and process claims the participation of their clients in the directory. With only the alias of any customer details, this enables the execution of money transfers and or requests.

Interbanking Collection SCI

Real time interbank collection services. A secure API that enables interaction with banks, financial institutions and authorized third parties so that they can carry out instructions for charges to account in a bank participating in the ecosystem. Limits on ecosystem participants are controlled. There is a real-time monitoring process. One or more LBTR processes can be configured.

Digital Financial Services & API Families


- Interbanking Transactions & Payments.
- RTP Network.
- Wallet Interoperability.
- Global Account Directory.
- Cross Conciliation.
- Multilateral Compensation.
- Settlement RTGS.
- Banking Limits.
- ISO 20022, ISO8583.

Internal Financial Network

- Regional Cash Management Network.
- RTP.
- Network Limits and Fees for participants.
- Network Reconciliation & Settlement (RTGS).
- Transaction Routing & Transaction Broker
- Local Payments for any Network Participant
- Regional Transaction Type Supported

Cash & Correspondents

- Cash In/Cash Out.
- Check Payment.
- Money Exchange – FX.
- Disbursements.
- Repayments & Credit Cards Payments.
- Service Payment.
- Remittances.

Digital On Boarding

- Financial Product.
- Account & Digital Financial Services.
- Users & Customers,Device Associations.
- Banks and FI.
- Merchant.

Business Channel Agreements

- Correspondents, Remittances.
- Service Aggregator.
- Fintech.
- Billers.
- Correspondents Banks.

Financial Channels

- RTP, BANKS, Wallet, Acquirer Networks.

Additional Out of the Box Functionality


Dominican Republic


Standard Finance
  • ISO20022, ISO8583
Other Non-Transactional Integration
  • Identity Validation: Mexico (INE), Brazil (Serasa), Ecuador, Peru, Colombia (Civil Registry)

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