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Create your digital banking model via the digital financial services that optimize your customer experience and a 100% digital financial ecosystem that quickly transforms your business partners into business channels optimizing your operations.

Leverage the ADAPTOR PTS platform, its SaaS model and +400 fully configurable, revenue ready and accelerated time to market Digital Financial Services and proven Delivery Methodology for Digital Banking and next era payment solutions.

Who Benefits

Neo Banks, Traditional Banks with Digital Offerings, Regional Banks, Correspondent Banks.

FinTech Organizations and FinTech Service Providers.

Traditional Cross Industry Organizations Looking to Offer FinTech Services (Telcos, Logistics, eCommerce, etc.)

Digital Banking Use Cases

When working with a 100% digital bank all products and services are ready to use and can be managed via digital channels without the need of any physical presence at a bank branch. All processes have been recreated with ease of use in mind; and products and services are redefined based on the target segment where they will be offered.

At the center of the relationship between the client and the bank are the product account digital financial services contracted with the bank.

My Digital Bank

My Digital Bank use cases enables deploying digital banking solutions for different target clients. The solution allows you to personalize digital financial services and products that align with the business rules, and product needs of each target segment.

Digital Payment Instrument

Digital Payment Instrument use cases provide a digital payment channel for a digital bank. As digital banks offer 100% digital product and services, giving the products transactional capacity and content is key for enabling clients to manage their funds via the digital bank’s channels.

My Digital Loans

My Digital Loans use cases enables flexible financing via financing lines specifically personalized in line with the funds use, payment capabilities, and guarantee conditions.

Debit & Credit Card

Debit and Credit Card use cases enable credit and debit card operations in a Digital Bank, prepaid accounts, SVA, digital savings accounts and current accounts. In addition, The integration of the use of traditional debit and credit cards from an ISO8583.

Cash in the Digital Era

Cash in the Digital Era use cases provide a solution to provisioning cash based on a client’s specific needs. These solutions enable the availability and management of cash in a digital bank and simple and efficient Cash In and Cash Out mechanisms.

Check Management in Digital Banking

Check Management in Digital Banking enables the management of checks on a digital platform, covering check deposits and payment for both electronic and paper checks.

My Digital Payment over Credit Line

Flexible credit lines that are related to mobile payment channels enabling credit line operations via digital payment methods as an alternative to using a credit card. Greater control of financing, flexibility in financing coverage.

Digital Financial Services & API Families

Digital Banking

- Book to Book Transfers, Local Wires (ACH), International Transfers (SWIFT)
- Repayments, Credit Card Payments
- Check Deposits & Payments
- Cash Transactions
- Disbursements
- Remittances
- Money Exchange (FX)
- Service Payments
- Loans and Credit Lines
- Credit Card, Debit Card, eWallet Authorization

Cash & Correspondents

- Cash In/Cash Out
- Check Payment
- Money Exchange – FX
- Disbursements
- Repayments & Credit Cards Payments
- Service Payment
- Remittances

Digital On Boarding

- Financial Product
- Account & Digital Financial Services
- Users & Customers,Device Associations
- Beneficiary
- Merchant

Business Channel Agreements

- Correspondents, Remittances
- Service Aggregator
- Fintech
- Billers
- Correspondents Banks

FInancial Channels

-RTP, ACH, BANKS, Acquirer Networks, Cards Processor, SWIFT

Additional Out of the Box Functionality


Dominican Republic


Standard Finance
  • ISO20022, ISO8583
Other Non-Transactional Integration
  • Identity Validation: Mexico (INE), Brazil (Serasa), Ecuador, Peru, Colombia (Civil Registry)

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