Providing Business Customers with the Banking Self-Service Capabilities Needed to Stay Ahead in the Digital Age

Power the digital cash management solution that not only provides your customers with efficiencies in working capital management, accurate cash flow forecasts, but fully leverages revenue-ready digital financial services for optimized performance and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Leverage the ADAPTOR PTS platform, its SaaS model and +400 fully configurable, revenue ready and accelerated time to market Digital Financial Services and our proven Delivery Methodology for Digital Cash Management and next era payment solutions.

Who Benefits

Corporate Banks, Collection Banks, Payer Banks Regional Banks.

FinTech Organizations and FinTech Service Providers for Corporates.

Traditional Cross Industry Organizations Looking to Offer FinTech Services  for Corporates (Telcos, Logistics, eCommerce, etc.)

Digital Cash Management Use Cases

Digital Cash Management use cases enable the delivery of significant competitive advantage to your SMB and Corporate offerings by leveraging digital financial services and providing the best time to market for tailored and flexible financial services.

Digital Small Business

Use case oriented at providing SMBs with the services needed to deliver efficient and straightforward 100% digital processes for onboarding, operational payments - salaries, general payments - access to payments in real-time, instantaneous payments and collections via QR codes.

Collection Bank

Use case oriented at companies looking to implement quicker and more efficient collections services. The services offer four collection agreement models enabling versatility in both the services offered and the companies that can benefit from these services. The different collection models enables companies from small businesses looking to automate their business to large enterprise groups looking to integrate their corporate treasury and cash management with their bank. The payment agreements are integrated with the bank's payment catalogue for use across the company's payment channels and enabling closing the collection-payment cycle.

Payer Bank

Use case aimed at banking organisations with automatic payment services. And businesses looking for an efficient and secure payment structure. The solution enables various payment types: Payroll, Suppliers, Pre-inscribed Beneficiaries, Open Payments, Taxes, Government, Public Services. Multiple payment processing models: Online, Batch, Scheduled. And multiple destination payment types: Inter-banking, Immediate RTP, International, Remittances.

Advanced Cash Management

Use case oriented at covering the needs of enterprises with a corporate treasury department and an ERP integrated with their finance and treasury processes. Advanced Cash Management provides financial services such as APIs that enable the integration of financial controls of the bank accounts from the treasury and / or the corporate ERP. This provides executing fund transfers, payment orders, authorisations, and automatic conciliations of the payment / collection accounts. In addition, the solution enables advanced fund movement planning services such as Cash Pooling and Zero Balance, scheduling personalisation, and the layout of interchange of standard / advanced messaging ISO2022 and SWIFT.

Digital Financial Services & API Families

Cash Management

- Credit and Debit Orders
- Batch Transactions
- Custom Batch Transaction
- Schedule batch and single transactions
- Special Payments, Payroll, Suppliers
- Collections agreements
- Collection models (Referenced, Web Services, Data Base, Automatic Debit)
- Tax Payments
- Loans and Credit Lines
- Trade – SWIFT MT-MX
- Cash Pooling
- Zero Balance
- Custom Financial Services
- ERP reconciliation - MT940/MT942
- Financial Services for FINTECHs
- ERP Treasury integration

Cash & Correspondents

- Cash In/Cash Out.
- Check Payment.
- Money Exchange – FX.
- Disbursements.
- Repayments & Credit Cards Payments.
- Service Payment.
- Remittances.

Digital On Boarding

- Financial Product.
- Account & Digital Financial Services.
- Users & Customers,Device Associations.
- Beneficiary.
- Merchant.

Business Channel Agreements

- Correspondents, Remittances.
- Service Aggregator.
- Fintech.
- Billers.
- Correspondents Banks.

Financial Channels

- SWIFT, ACH, BANKS, RTP, Cards Processor, Acquirer Networks

Additional Out of the Box Functionality


Dominican Republic


Standard Finance
  • ISO20022, ISO8583
Other Non-Transactional Integration
  • Identity Validation: Mexico (INE), Brazil (Serasa), Ecuador, Peru, Colombia (Civil Registry)

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