Ensuring a Seamless Mobile Money & Digital Wallet Experience

With an estimated 1.5 billion people using mobile money in the upcoming year, the ability to provide multi-faceted, fast and secure digital wallet solutions is key. With 100% digital and revenue-ready mobile money financial services, you and your customers will quickly benefit from the convenience and security that our next generation seamless digital wallets provide.

Leverage the ADAPTOR PTS platform, its SaaS model and +400 fully configurable, revenue ready and accelerated time to market Digital Financial Services and proven Delivery Methodology for Mobile Money Solutions and next era payment solutions.

Who Benefits

Neo Banks, Traditional Banks with Digital Offerings, Regional Banks, Correspondent Banks.

FinTech Organizations and FinTech Service Providers.

Traditional Cross Industry Organizations Looking to Offer FinTech Services (Telcos, Logistics, eCommerce, etc.)

Mobile Money Use Cases

Mobile Money solutions provide users multiple mobile payment channels beyond the location of funds, be they a bank account, a pre-paid account, a credit card of a line of credit. For businesses, Mobile Money Solutions provide an easy, quick and low cost mobile payment channel with little intermediation and quick access to funds.


P2P use cases enable meeting the growing demand for Person to Person payments. A person is identified as an alias; there is no need to know the bank accounts where funds are kept or the preferred payment channel. These solutions allow sending money, requesting money, collections between people, and collecting funds.


P2B use cases enable the purchase of goods in stores via mobile devices. In store payments can be made via QR codes, NFC or by simply sharing a phine number. Purchases and payments can be initiated in two ways: by the customer and later the business is notified or initiated by the business that will later request authorization via the customers mobile device. The merchant recieves the funds securely and under the agreed conditions; it does not require knowing the customer’s bank account number or payment channel.

Mobile Service Payments

Mobile Service Payments suse cases integrate mobile payment channels with different service paymet aggregators, enabling the payment of items such as utilities, fees for schools, sport clubs and associations, phone top ups, etc. These solutions allows mobile payment users to provide content to pay for and the owners of mobile payment platforms to easily integrate with service aggregator companies.

Mobile POS

Mobile POS use cases enable merchants to charge their customers from their mobile device without the need of adding any additional applications or infrastructure to their mobile device. Basically merchants can enable mobile collections without having to subscribe to a traditional acquisition channel.

My Custom Mobile Payments

My Custom Mobile Payments use case enables the creation of custom payment experiences for your clients. Allow your clients to select the digital financial services they require to create their mobile payment solution, adapt behavior, manage limits per channel, manage payment channels and their potential financing.

Digital Financial Services & API Families


- Send money.
- Request money.
- Payments split.


- Shop in commerce (QR-NFC).
- Cash IN/OUT – Merchant & ATM.
- Remittances.

Cash & Correspondents

- Cash In/Cash Out.
- Check Payment.
- Money Exchange – FX.
- Disbursements.
- Repayments & Credit Cards Payments.
- Service Payment.
- Remittances.

Digital On Boarding

- Financial Product.
- Account & Digital Financial Services.
- Users & Customers,Device Associations.
- Beneficiary.
- Merchant.

Business Channel Agreements

- Correspondents, Remittances.
- Service Aggregator.
- Fintech.
- Billers.
- Correspondents Banks.

Financial Channels

- RTP, ACH, BANKS, Acquirer Networks, SWIFT, Cards Processor.

Additional Out of the Box Functionality


Dominican Republic


Standard Finance
  • ISO20022, ISO8583
Other Non-Transactional Integration
  • Identity Validation: Mexico (INE), Brazil (Serasa), Ecuador, Peru, Colombia (Civil Registry)

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