Frame Banking™

The Next-Gen Payments

Frame Banking™ is a next-generation, cloud-native, fully API-driven payments platform designed for financial institutions to provide new experiences through financial transactions.

By leveraging a composable architecture, Frame Banking™ places the transaction at the center of the financial experience and reduces the traditional limitations of legacy systems.

Frame Banking™ enables the intuitive, simple, and agile deployment of financial services across dierent channels in a scalable manner.

Innovation in Business Models

Frame Banking™ enables institutions to adopt new revenue streams. By powering the entire life cycle of digital transactions and offering core-agnostic integration capabilities, Frame Banking™ opens doors to innovation in business models and business rules.

New Business Models based on transactions, such as collection, embedded finance, channel- dependent cash management, payment method, payment dynamics, etc

Multi-System Integrations with high-customization, seamless and without development, allowing multiple payments and collections in a single transaction.

Safe and Secure Transactions enabling the generation and autonomous control of transactional OTPs

Different Use Cases Remittances, international transfers, payment of services, P2P (peer-to-peer), cash in-out at correspondents, mass payments, interoperability.

Seamless Ecosystem Creation

Frame Banking™ empowers institutions to effortlessly integrate into global financial ecosystems. Its core-agnostic and omni-channel model makes it compatible with multiple transactional networks and industry providers, allowing for the seamless creation of payment ecosystems in weeks.

Integrations with multiple business channels inside and outside
industry standards: ISO8583, ISO20022, NACHA, REST, SOAP, etc.

Easy, fast, and safe connections with all industry-related elements:
certificates, TLS, VPN, etc.

Business Rules and Enrollment: Auto-enrollment, Validations,
Agreements, Commissions, Taxes, Reconciliations, and

Sample Ecosystem Integrations with business partners, central
banks, ACH (automated clearing house), correspondents, enterprises,
and fintech companies

Efficiency Through Convergence

Frame Banking™ enables institutions to realize substantial savings in both cost and time. It facilitates the deployment of multiple use cases by converging different payment rails onto a single platform under one contract, optimizing resources to maximize operational efficiency.

Frame Banking™ replaces developments in the core to solve transactional logic; business rules and operational developments in integration pieces such as Service Bus, BPM, and API Gateways; reconciliation systems developed or ad hoc; and multiple solutions for each payment rail (remittances, SWIFT, Correspondents, Payment of services, etc.).

Frame Banking™ enables a payment rails convergence strategy with a single SaaS platform.

Frame Banking™ allows a multicore strategy, simplifying the role of various digital and legacy cores, and mitigating historical risks of banking core replacements.

A Composable Architecture Built for Change

Our platform runs on an advanced, component-based architecture that provides enterprises with the agility and scalability they need to stay competitive in today’s ever-changing financial landscape.

• Centered on product and accounting

• Limited growth with no scaling capabilities

• Transactions as a “necessary evil”

• Evolution based on developer updates

• Vendor lock-in

• High-cost integrations

• Composable architecture based on APIs.

• Integration with new business models

• Faster time-to-market for products and services

• Centered on transactions and services

• No vendor lock-in

• Future-proof scalability

Trusted by Organizations Around the Globe

We have worked with a diverse range of clients to deliver unique solutions tailored to their specific needs. We are proud of our track record of success and are continuously striving for more.

Next-Gen Transaction
Management and Monitoring

Our new Palette feature within our cloud-native Frame Banking™ platform offers full visibility into the life cycle of every transaction to make more agile and better-informed decisions. Discover advanced capabilities for real-time management and monitoring of financial transactions within next-generation payment ecosystems.

Frame Banking™ Key Principles and Advantages

Low Code

Customization & Scalability

Omnichannel Integrations

Cloud-Native SaaS

Transactions-Centered System

Core Agnostic

Powering the Full Life Cycle of Digital Transactions

Frame Banking™ works as the engine that fuels the entire life cycle of digital transactions, enabling digital financial services through diverse channels in the financial ecosystem.

Frame Banking™ Business Frameworks

Frame Banking™ for Retail and Fintech
Financial services and integrations designed for digital banking, deploying transactions through any channel, at any time, from P2P, remittances, cards, interbank, cross-border, among other financial services
Frame Banking™ for Corporate Banking
Enable financial institutions to offer services like collections, mass payments, supplier payments, payroll, integration with corporate treasuries, cash pooling, and ZBA—a transactional offering for small, medium, and large corporations.
Frame Banking™ Financial Services Highway
Build an interbank financial services highway, focusing on interoperability hrough aliases and the concept of a universal account, instant payments, and batch payments applying protocols such as ISO20022, ISO8583, and Nacha, among others.

Thrive in the next generation
of payment ecosystems

Discover a New Kind of Banking
Unlock more responsive, agile, and engaging
transactions with Frame Banking™.
Discover a New Kind of Banking
Unlock more responsive, agile, and engaging
transactions with Frame Banking™.
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