2innovate continues its Innovation Espresso route and addresses the “Digital Trends for Banking in 2024” with experts in Colombia

Bogota, November 28, 20232innovate, the pioneer in SaaS solutions for next-generation payments, continued its “Innovation Espresso” event series in Latin America with a featured panel in Colombia. The meeting was attended by leading leaders in technology and finance to address the prospects for digital banking towards 2024.

Edwin Zácipa, Founder of the Latam Fintech Hub, led the event masterfully, facilitating an enriching dialogue between the panelists: Consuelo Rengifo from Pibank, Marco Ventura from EY Colombia and Pablo Pereyra Portugal from 2innovate, who closed the conversation by highlighting how 2innovate’s core technology, Frame Banking™, is driving the path to the future of payments ecosystems.

“The implementation of Frame Banking™ has allowed us to reinvent the interaction with our financial services, offering personalized experiences to our customers and enabling next-generation payment solutions,” Rengifo emphasized during his speech.

During the session, cutting-edge topics such as the integration of new technologies, strengthening cybersecurity, improving the user experience, and strategic collaboration between fintechs and established banks were explored. Experts agreed that constant innovation and adaptability are crucial for growth and sustainability in today’s financial environment.

“The depth of the topics discussed today is a clear indicator of the transformation that is underway in the financial sector. Adapting to these developments is not only vital to stay competitive, but to lead in the digital age,” said Pereyra Portugal.

With its sights set on the future, 2innovate is preparing for its next stop in Chile, remaining a pioneer in addressing the most relevant issues at the confluence between technology and finance.

For more details on 2innovate and future events in the “Innovation Espresso” series, visit www.2innovateit.com.


 About 2innovate

2innovate is a global SaaS pioneer in creating next-generation payments ecosystems. Our cloud products are designed to revolutionize the customer experience in the financial transactions industry. Founded in 2016, our presence spans 12 countries, supported by an outstanding portfolio of technology partners and strategic consultants. Headquartered in Montevideo, we expand our footprint with commercial offices in Buenos Aires, Mexico City and Miami. For more information, visit our website www.2innovateit.com or connect with us on LinkedIn.


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