A new SaaS platform revolutionizing banking transactions

2Innovate’s cloud-based Frame Banking™ platform accelerates the development and deployment of next-generation payment solutions.

The banking market is currently undergoing an accelerated digitalization process. A new generation of users accustomed to the use of technology in their day-to-day lives makes up the majority of the current workforce, a fact that is giving rise to more dynamic and cashless banking.

In the last year alone, penetration of digital payments increased by 89%, while 80% of current consumers give preference to digital channels to make transactions, according to data from 2innovate.

With the idea that by 2030 cashless transactions will double in number, 2innovate, the pioneer in banking and digital financial transactions, announces the launch of Frame Banking™, a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that powers the lifecycle of digital transactions securely and lays the foundation for the next generation of payments ecosystems.

The platform puts transactions at its core and reduces the traditional frictions of payment processes. This allows companies to accelerate their digital transformation and build the frameworks for the development of new consumer experiences globally. Frame Banking™ helps financial institutions break through the limitations of their legacy systems and operate at the pace of modern transactions across
multiple channels.

“Our SaaS Frame Banking™ platform is much more agile and flexible than its predecessor, providing customers with a highly efficient tool that accelerates the development and deployment of next- generation payment solutions,” said Pablo Pereyra Portugal, Chief Revenue Officer of 2innovate. “The result is a smarter transaction engine with unprecedented cost efficiency, positioning us as a key technological ally for financial and banking institutions in Latin America,” he explained.

Frame Banking features


The platform has an advanced composable architecture that favors adaptability and scalability, while providing secure and reliable payment solutions for a wide range of financial services, such as digital banking, mobile money, ACH and universal account, correspondents, among others.

With an adaptive banking core, the platform connects major banking systems to each other, ensuring efficiency in transaction processing. Frame Banking™ services are already active in recognized banks and fintech companies in the region, including Western Union, Santander, Ualá and Te Creemos. The company also has important strategic partnerships with leading institutions and technology providers such as Tuum, Globant, Mambu and Veritran.

“The evolution of our platform not only presents a renewed focus for financial services in Latin America, where transactions are at the center of the customer experience but will enable 2innovate to connect more customers to the payments ecosystems of the future, today,” said Hugo Sacchi, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of 2innovate.

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