Digital Revolution: Forging the Future of Banking in Mexico

🚀 Innovation Espresso: A Pioneering Meeting in Digital Banking

In a milestone for the financial sector, the “Innovation Espresso” meeting organized by 2innovate in Mexico City, has brought together experts and specialized media to discuss the future of digital banking towards 2024. The meeting focused on the trends that will define banking in the coming years and drew special attention to the topic of generative AI in financial services.

The discussion, moderated by columnist Luis Bartolini, featured the participation of Pablo Pereyra Portugal of 2innovate, Edgar Torres of Google, and Jonathan Durán of Techreo.

🧠 Personalization and Technology at the Heart of Change

Experts agreed on the importance of personalizing experiences, transitioning to hybrid and cloud systems, and developing advanced payment ecosystems. These factors will be key to the 2024 financial outlook. In addition, collaboration between fintech companies and traditional banks was highlighted as a driver to democratize banking and close gaps in access to financial services.

🌟 Google’s Edgar Torres: A Look at the Legacy and Future of AI in Finance

Edgar Torres highlighted that AI has been reshaping financial services for years now, citing examples of its application in credit decisions and risk analysis. However, he stressed that now, with the boom of generative AI, the sector is looking for innovative ways to leverage this technology to further drive digital transformation.

🛍️ Jonathan Durán of Techreo: Towards a Comprehensive and Personalized Banking

Jonathan Durán from Techreo focused his speech on the growing demand for all-in-one financial solutions. He stressed that creating unified and end-to-end banking experiences is essential to meeting modern customer needs and should be a priority for financial service providers.

🌍 Setting the Stage for a Digitized Financial Future

“Innovation Espresso” provided strategic insights for financial institutions and technology companies to adapt and stay relevant in a digitized world. The expansion of the event to other Latin American regions such as Colombia and Chile highlights 2innovate’s commitment to innovation in the sector.

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