Exploring the future of fintech: Highlights from Fintech Americas Miami 2023

Our 2innovate team was at Fintech Americas 2023 in Miami, Florida. This yearly conference brings together the leading innovators in fintech. We met many industry professionals and shared the good things about our platform, Frame Banking™.

Fintech Americas Miami had a very inspiring environment. There were many new ideas for the future of financial services. But what makes us special is how we think transactions should be at the heart of financial experience. This way, we become leaders in making new payment systems. The event was full of ideas, learning, and excitement. It made us want to grow our work in Latin America and all over the world.

At the conference, we also talked to our partners from the region like Mambu, Sofka Technologies, VASS, and others. We also met many new people which could lead to future good work together in the area. This event showed us what the future might look like in fintech. We learned about things like blockchain in banking and using artificial intelligence to make things better for users. A big topic was how digital payments are changing, especially with more people buying things online.


In our talks with different fintech people, one topic was very important: how digital payments are changing. With more people shopping online and changing how they behave; payments are changing a lot. Industry experts showed us many views about how transactions might change in the future.

One of the best things about Fintech Americas Miami was how everyone wanted to work together. People from different parts of the industry all want to make financial services better for communities. Seeing everyone’s commitment made us believe even more in the endless chances ahead. It’s nice to think about a future where teamwork and new ideas make finance better for everyone.

Our time at Fintech Americas 2023 made us very excited. It gave us more energy for our work, and we look forward to being a big part of fintech’s future. With what we learned and the people we met, we can’t wait to be there again next year, keeping our promise to always do our best in finance.









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