CIO EdiWorld: Developing Next-Generation Payments Ecosystems and Personalizing Experiences—Banking Trends for 2024

The personalization of user/banking institution experiences, the transformation to hybrid and cloud systems, as well as the development of next-generation payment ecosystems stand out among the expectations for the banking sector in 2024.

This was the consensus of the panel “Digital Trends for Banking in 2024,” organized in Mexico by the company 2innovate, a provider of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for digital banking and next-generation payments.

Moderated by Luis Bartolini, columnist for El Economista and Fortuna Magazine, the panel included Pablo Pereyra Portugal, Chief Revenue Officer of 2innovate; Edgar Torres, Head of Financial Services and Fintech at Google; and Jonathan Durán, Chief Information Officer and Co-Founder of Techreo.

The Techreo Case

Techreo is a brand that has extended its presence to Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru and Colombia, and hopes to do so in the United States by 2025.

According to Jonathan Durán, in 2023 they grew 35% in customers and registered almost 3 million transactions in the year, moving more than 30 million dollars.

He said that to expand its presence in Mexico, 2innovate’s Frame Banking technology was used, complying with all standards and regulations, and facilitating the rapid deployment of its products and services. “At Techreo, we are facilitating the process of digital transformation, committed to financial inclusion, closing the gap in access to financial services in Latin America. Our collaboration with 2innovate is vital to democratize banking,” said Durán.

For an “innovative mindset”

This panel, which was part of 2innovate’s “Innovation Espresso” series of presentations that will be held in several Latin American countries, addressed various topics of interest such as the adoption of emerging technologies, cybersecurity, user experience and collaboration between fintech companies and traditional banks.

The panelists emphasized the need to promote an “innovative mindset” and the ability to “adapt quickly to market demands.”

Pereyra Portugal, from 2innovate, highlighted the features of its Frame Banking platform, with a SaaS approach and cloud native, which provides financial institutions with the architecture behind payment ecosystems.

“This panel was designed to provide strategic insight into the trends that will shape the financial landscape in 2024. In an increasingly digital world, it is essential for financial institutions and technology companies to understand and adapt to these changes to remain relevant and effective,” said the Chief Revenue Officer of 2innovate.

The company continued its “Innovation Espresso” series in Colombia and Chile, addressing key issues at the intersection of technology and finance.

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