Fintech Americas 2024: A Week of Milestones and Innovation in Miami

Miami was the epicenter of financial technology innovation this past May, hosting the highly anticipated Fintech Americas 2024 conference. This year’s event was a significant milestone for many, including the notable participation of 2innovate as official sponsors for the first time. The conference also marked the successful launch of Palette, a groundbreaking feature designed to enhance transaction management capabilities within our cloud-native Frame Banking platform.

The event was a testament to the growth and influence Frame Banking™ has achieved since last year’s conference. Our platform has firmly established itself as a household name in the fintech industry across the region.

Throughout the conference, our Frame Banking™ team engaged with partners, clients, and colleagues, fostering a collaborative environment aimed at shaping the future of financial technology. We extend heartfelt thanks to all who contributed to their shared vision during the event. Special recognition must also be given to the Fintech Americas organization and María Laura Mancuso for putting together such a remarkable gathering, which continues to build bridges for collaboration and growth within the industry.

The conference also saw significant achievements from industry partners. Towerbank International Inc. and Techreo were recognized with prestigious awards during the ceremony, underscoring their innovative contributions to the fintech landscape. Frame Banking™ is proud of our partnerships with these two institutions, and we join in on their celebrations of their successes.

The atmosphere was filled with anticipation for what the next year will bring. The successes and innovations celebrated at Fintech Americas 2024 have set a high bar, and we are already looking forward to the opportunities and advancements that the next conference will undoubtedly bring. At 2innovate, we are optimistic about continuing our trajectory of growth and innovation, firmly rooted in our commitment to revolutionizing the payments industry.

As the conference concluded, it was clear that the fintech community is thriving, driven by collaboration, innovation, and a shared vision for the future. Frame Banking™ is at the forefront of this exciting journey, eager to contribute to the industry’s ongoing evolution.

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